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Withersin’s Unkindness anthology will be released on Halloween. It’s a collection of 13 bizarre tales, including my newest, “Complete Breakfast.”

Withersin's Unkindness

Horror is about playing on fears. Most of them have been done to death. Luckily for me, some people have an irrational fear of breakfast foods. That’s what “Complete Breakfast” is all about.

The full list of horror short stories is:

  • Forward by bizarro author D. Harlan Wilson
  • “Inspiration” – Ken Goldman
  • “An Unnatural Death” – Ben Duiverman
  • “Complete Breakfast” – MP Johnson
  • “Doddering Fools” – Gregory Story
  • “Vanguard of Blood” – Patrick McCully
  • “Medicated” – James Marcotullio
  • “Starless and Bible Black” – Lee Zumpe
  • “Chemical Man” – Mike Norris
  • “The Forgotten House” – Patrick Rutigliano
  • “Goatman” – Robert Sullivan
  • “Updating” – John Rosenman
  • “Interruptions” – JG Faherty
  • “Paint it Black” – Brian Schiavo
  • Interview with author Graham Hancock – Michael Lohr

You can preorder a copy at the Withersin Web site.


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