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My most recent short story – “A Cowboy has to Ride” – has found a very unlikely home, an anthology of stories about bull riding called This Ain’t No Rodeo.


Originally, my story was about a supernatural bronc rider. I wrote it as a sort of tribute to Chris Ledoux, a rodeo champion and country singer. Unfortunately, the editor really wanted to focus on bull riding, rather than rodeo in general, so the story had to be altered a bit. Still, it’s a pretty fun read.

Authors appearing in This Ain’t No Rodeo:

  • Shawn Sackman
  • Bud Rudesill
  • William Blake Vogel III
  • Gerri Leen
  • David Lee Summers
  • Terry Bramlett
  • Taylor West
  • Camille Alexa
  • Ann Wilkes
  • L. Mahayla Smith
  • MP Johnson
  • Ramona Thompson
  • Justin Stanchfield

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