Bizarro Horror Fiction Author MP Johnson | Freak Tension Zine

Information about writer MP Johnson's horror fiction and bizarro fiction, Freak Tension zine and more.

The new issue of Razorcake is out now. It includes interviews with Holly Golightly, Vitamin X and Shark Pants.


My big contribution is an interview with Twin Cities hardcore band In Defence, which includes this nugget:

MP: You have a song called “All Hail the Taco Avenger,” in which you argue in favor of tacos and against pizza. You’re pretty passionate about that?

Ben Crew: Yes, we are. You know, we kind of had an awakening. A lot of bands will get up on stage and they’ll take issue with politics or religion or straight edge or vegetarianism. As a band, In Defence has been searching for that thing to latch onto and make our own. I think after playing at Taco Johns and the burrito restaurant, we’ve really become passionate. We like to call it the Taco Liberation Movement.

Of course, I also contribute a handful of reviews, and the zine is stuffed full of good stuff by people who give a shit about good stuff.


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