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Zombiality, an anthology of queer-themed zombie stories, is available now from Library of the Living Dead Press. It includes my newest short short story, “Drag Queen Vs. Zombies.” You can buy a copy at Amazon.

Full table of contents is as follows:

  • Stonewall Rising    –   Vince Liaguno
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Die   –   Rob Rosen
  • GirlWorld   –   Lisa Morton
  • Just The Three Of Them At The End Of The World   –   John Grover
  • Still Rolling   –   Angelia Sparrow
  • Unrest In Cowpat   –   Stephanie Kincaid
  • To Please   –   Nicholas Alexander Hayes
  • Till The Last Beat   –   Clancy Nacht
  • Zombie Fiction   –   Dave Dunwoody
  • The Cairn   –   Christopher Fletcher
  • Unholy Alliance –   Ben Langhinrichs
  • Eating Peaches   –   Rachel Green
  • Accepting Death   –   Tony Schaab
  • The Duval Crawl   –   Dave Chrisom
  • Among The Living   –   J. R. Rodriguez
  • Cocktail Conversation   –   Patrick F. Murphy
  • Walk Through The Fire   –   Jennifer Povey
  • ZOMB-mailion   –   Eric Andrews-Katz
  • The Dead Walk In Brooklyn –   Molly Rydzel
  • Dead Boy Number One   –   Quinn Smythwood
  • Quickened Wood   –   Nathan Sims
  • World Without Snow   –   Jesus Morales
  • Sweetness   –   B. C. Edwards
  • Food Chain –   Steve Spinale
  • The Quick And The Undead   –   Thomas Logan
  • Meatbots : A Love Story   –   Timothy Capehart
  • Humans Being Human   –   Patrick D’Orazio
  • Drag Queen vs Zombies   –   MP Johnson

I encourage you to grab a copy and post a review somewhere.


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