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The newest purveyor of weird literary fiction in the Twin Cities, Cloud City Press, has just released my new chapbook.

It collects three of my best and weirdest (and previously unpublished) works of horror and bizarro fiction. The stories are:

  • “The Final Failure of a Professional Small Animal Inside-Outer”
  • “Crabaroo in Lesbo Vamp Land”
  • “Through Time, Knuckles First”

Here’s the description from the publisher:

The stories in MP Johnson’s latest chapbook, “The Final Failure of a Professional Small Animal Inside-Outer,” transport the reader to a world where the grotesque is taken for granted and humor abounds. A man tries to take his profession as a sculptor of small animals to new heights. The washed up creator of a beloved children’s television series struggles against a B-grade Spanish horror movie director for the soul of his creation. And a retired hardcore singer travels through time (or not) with the assistance of the severed head of an extraterrestrial he discovered in a dumpster in order to save his future daughter’s life. It’s the stuff of nightmares, but the kind that leave you laughing in your sleep.

Copies are available from Cloud City Press, as well at book stores around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Buy it with PayPal.


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