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Last night I had a dream that I had published two short stories about cats that became extremely successful. The dream also involved me carpeting my apartment with cat litter, adopting a baby cat that liked to hide in the cat litter, and letting my ex-girlfriend move into the bedroom with a rowdy black panther, all before going on a trip to New York via those plastic vacuum tubes used at bank drive-throughs. This dream did not come true.

However, I did wake up to find that my new story, “I Want to be a Mutant,” was published in Surreal Grotesque #11. The index also includes a lot of rising stars in the underground horror and bizarro fiction scene, including Jimmy Pudge, Alex S. Johnson and many more. Check it out and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “New Story: “I Want To Be A Mutant”

  1. Meli Hooker says:

    Hmmm, wonder what it all means!

    Are you a cat person? Do you have a cat/cats? Do you live in a litter box?

    1. freaktension says:

      I don’t have any cats. I’ve never had cats, actually. And I don’t live in a litter box, but the ambiance is similar.

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