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These last few months of 2013 have been crazy, so I’ve neglected updating this site. Hell, the whole year has been awesome, what with the release of my debut book, The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone, and all. Deals have been sealed for more books to come, starting with Dungeons and Drag Queens from Eraserhead Press in July!

Freak Tension #15

In the meantime, I released a new issue of Freak Tension. It’s the fifteenth issue and, coincidentally, the fifteenth anniversary issue. Holy shit, I’ve been doing a zine for fifteen years! I’m going to try to release a new issue every December from this point on. Copies of the new issue, as well as some back issues, are available at the newly minted Freak Tension store.

I’m psyched for my debut at Every Day Fiction. “Curse of the Curse” has already gotten a ton of positive reviews on that site. Another flash piece, “Meet Kreepy Krawly,” kicked off a bizarro slasher fiction series at Bizarro Central.

I’ve also got a few new anthology appearances, including my teddy bear versus drag queen story, “Loving Arms,” in Diabolic Tales III, and my fucked up Christmas story, “Do Not Buy,” in A Very StrangeHouse Christmas, the first of hopefully many team ups between me and StrangeHouse Books. You can find these anthologies on my Amazon author page.

As always, you can catch my music reviews in new issue of Razorcake.

So, what are you hoping to get for Christmas?


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