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People often approach me with awesome suggestions about how to publicize my books. I always appreciate the help. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the capacity to follow through on most of the ideas. If it takes away from the time I actually spend writing, it’s probably not something I can do. But if you want to help, there are three crucial and easy things that you can do. These go a long way!

Buy the book. I know that money can be tight and there’s a lot you can do with the dollars in your pocket. When people put their money toward one of my books, it means a lot to me. Your purchase is not just a purchase. It’s a vote. You’re saying, “Yes, publishers, I’m into this writer’s stuff and I hope to see more of it in the future.” Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. If you’re strapped for cash, request that your local library order a copy for you (most libraries let you do this online).

Spread the word about the book. You know at least one other person who would like it. Tell them about it. Hell, loan them your copy when you’re done reading it. Discuss it on social media (and follow me or friend me). Read the book in public and talk it up if the cover catches someone’s eye.

Review the book. Books with positive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and other sites stand out from the competition. Furthermore, the reviews play a role in when and how these sites will recommend books. You only need to spend two minutes on a review. Write a sentence and leave a star rating. It does not need to be thorough or professional to be helpful. You can still review a book on Amazon even if you bought the book elsewhere. Share the review on social media.

A lot of this stuff applies not only to independent authors, but to bands, filmmakers, artists and every other independent creative type out there. If you can spare the money and time, we all appreciate your help.

PS – I’m currently giving away a copy of my new book, Dungeons & Drag Queens, on Goodreads!


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