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I’ve been wandering all over tarnation spreading the word about Dungeons & Drag Queens, my new bizarro book. I tabled at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis. I did a reading in Green Bay at the Crunchy Frog, after which an audience member told me: “My students would love your writing. I teach juvenile delinquents.” Easily one of the best compliments I have ever received. I also did a reading in San Francisco at Borderlands Books, where I got my first window display:

Dungeons & Drag Queens Window Display

How cool is that? I’ve discovered that an awesome byproduct of putting out books is that I get opportunities like these to make new friends, party and nerd out about weird books and horror in general. Next, I’ll be hanging out at Flashback Weekend in Chicago from August 8th through the 10th.

“The Songwriter’s Fingers”

On Friday, Revolver published my latest piece of flash fiction. It’s called “The Songwriter’s Fingers.” I try not to be cocky about the stuff I write, but this is likely the best story I’ve ever written. I’m really proud of it, and I’m super proud that a highly regarded lit journal like Revolver accepted it for publication. It’s part of their new mixtape series. Check it out in Revolver’s literary mixtape: Love & System.

I Want Candy

The Next Best Book Blog recently asked me what authors eat. I don’t know what authors eat, but I know what I eat: candy. Lots of fucking candy. Read more in my entry to the Eat Like An Author series.

You Want ‘Cake?

Razorcake #81 is out now. Nonprofit punk rock. Interviews with M.O.T.O. and more. I did some reviews, which you can read online too (although you’re cooler if you buy a copy of the zine):


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