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I feel pretty strongly that punk rock and bizarro fiction share a lot of the same qualities. A big chunk of bizarro authors are into punk, but surprisingly few punks have heard of bizarro. I’m trying to change that. I wrote a piece called “One Punk’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction” for Razorcake #82. It’s about my discovery of bizarro, as well as a brief history of the genre and my opinion on what it’s all about. And it’s got some killer illustrations by Marcos Siref:


I was a slacker on music reviews for this issue. Only one:


Come Swim In The Cesspool

Available for preorder now is Cesspool, a book of horror art by Devin Francisco and Jay Hansen, accompanied by like-minded short stories. I have two stories in this book: “Leapfrog” and “Butterflies.” Don’t let the nice titles fool you. The first story is about monster sex. The second is about a demon baby who won’t stop crying.

I also sort of served as editor for this book. I helped to round up some of the other authors and I copyedited everything and made it all grammary.

Cesspool Cover

How Sick Can GG Allin Get?

Speaking of editing, I’m stepping into that role full force for the first time with Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin. This will be an anthology of bizarro and horror GG Allin stories co-edited by me and Sam Richard. I have been dreaming about this book for years, but nobody else has put it together, so I decided to do what any good punk would do and do it myself.

Release date is a long way off, but writers can submit stories now.

Upcoming Appearances

Upcoming Books And Stories

  • Death Warp – Dynatox Ministries (Fall 2014)
  • Sick Pack – Bizarro Pulp Press (TBD)
  • “Hamsters are for Pussies” in Hamsters Anthology (Fall 2014)
  • “Letting Go” in Blight Digest (Fall 2014)
  • “Dead Diva Boogaloo” in Zombified 3 (TBD)
  • “Selling the Slicer” in The Gruesome Tensome: A Short Story Tribute to the Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (TBD)

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