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My 50th published short story just hit the streets! “Letting Go” appears in the debut issue of Blight Digest, a rad new horror fiction journal from One Eye Press. Check out the cover:


“Letting Go” is the tale of a struggling, exhausted single mom and her adult son battling a basement monster. I really hope it will freak you out and break your heart.

Speaking of heartbreak, there are still a couple copies of my limited edition chapbook, Death Warp, available from Dynatox Ministries. These last few are priced to sell.

Bizarro Con Is Next Week

On Thursday, I head to Portland for the 7th annual Bizarro Con. This is where the Eraserhead Press crew and the leading authors of the bizarro fiction movement gather to douse each other in creative energy and basically party. I will be nerding out and acting awkward the whole time!

If You Don’t Want To Buy My Shit, Buy This Shit

Justin Grimbol is a cool dude and his new book, Hard Bodies, is like Bukowski if Bukowski was a rad dude you wanted to hang out with and not an insufferable dickweed. I highly recommend it.

Hard Bodies


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