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Information about Emma Alice Johnson's books and zines.

When I first attended Bizarro Con a few years ago, I caught readings by heavy hitters like Carlton Mellick III and Kevin L. Donihe. The term “readings” didn’t even do them justice. They were wild, frenzied performances.

I knew I had to up my game. I learned that reading an ordinary 5,000 word short story was not likely to cut it with an audience of short attention spans. I started writing pieces with performances in mind. One of the first that I came up with was a crazy, yelling affair called “Berzerkoids are Here.” When I read it for the first time, I got the best reaction I had ever received at a reading. Since then, I’ve read it dozens of times to crowds that seem really into it. Now, for the first time, it has been published online at Drunk Monkeys. Check it out! IMG_2426 Do You Like The Razor? Do You Like The Cake?

New Razorcake is out now! It’s got a nice, thoughtful piece about the LA Zine Fest, which I want to get to one of these days. It also has a bunch of reviews by me, which you can also read online:

I also wrote an online-only interview with pop punk band Braver.

This Is The Last Mutilation

Way back in 2006, I published a chapbook called The Mutilation of Paris Hilton. It’s splatterpunk for sure. Gross and obnoxious. Nobody cares about Paris Hilton anymore, and I’m down to my last dozen copies. I’m reducing the price. If you want one, get one now. These aren’t going to be reprinted.

Bizarro Fiction Comes To Minneapolis

The AWP Conference & Bookfair is coming to Minneapolis in April. Eraserhead Press and bizarro authors from all over the country are coming to the event, so I set up a big bizarro bash at Grumpy’s Bar & Grill. This is the biggest reading by weird writers that has ever happened in the Twin Cities, at least as long as I’ve lived here. It’s going to be a party.


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