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Holy shit! I have three books out now! Isn’t that nuts? Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! was just released by StrangeHouse Books. Check out the cover art by William Broad:

Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!Does that look crazy or what? You like crazy, don’t you? You can grab a copy on Amazon right now!

This book was actually more than a decade in the making. I began it one winter after getting into a rough car accident on Highway 29 in Wisconsin. It wasn’t the worst accident in the world, but my car was wrecked on a cold and desolate stretch of the highway. The experience got me wondering about some things, and I initially put those thoughts into a short story. That short story eventually grew to book length.

This is a bit of a departure from my previous books, which were more comedic. This one isn’t particularly funny. It’s much more mean-spirited. It has more in common with the splatterpunk genre than bizarro fiction.

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Strange things happen in the parts of Wisconsin where nobody is looking. Catspaw is one of those parts.

After his car crashes in Catspaw, Renny watches his girlfriend, Sera, dragged away by men wearing severed cow heads as masks. He follows them into the snow-soaked wasteland of Wisconsin and slips face-first into a sordid underworld of vicious farmers. He fights to overcome his innate inability to do anything right, but can only watch helplessly as Sera is eaten alive, the first sacrifice for the resurrection of a forgotten god of agriculture – Bovikraaga. She will not be the last…


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