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Sure, reading is cool and everything, but what’s the point of reading when you can have a story read to you by a beautiful burlesque dancer?

Sauda Namir has recorded a reading of my short story “Groupie” for the season finale of her Bizarro Bedtime web series. Check it out:

Bizarro Bedtime: S1 E5: MP Johnson from Sauda Namir on Vimeo.

“Groupie” originally appeared in the book Strange Sex 2 from StrangeHouse Books (publisher of my new gore-fest, Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill!).

I performed this story once in Green Bay. About halfway through, a girl in the audience started to look a little sick. Soon, she ran out of the room. After the reading, she came up to me and said, “That was so horrible, I couldn’t stay and listen.” And then she added the words that every writer is dying to hear: “I will remember it for the rest of my life!”


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