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Berzerkoids, my fifth book and first short story collection, just came out from Bizarro Pulp Press. Take a moment to soak in the beautiful cover by Bill Hauser:

Berzerkoids By MP Johnson

The art is based on the title story, “Berzerkoids are Here,” as well as the sequel, “Rise of the Berzerkoids.” Of course, those stories were inspired by the great toys of the ’80s, like Madballs and M.U.S.C.L.E. guys.

This is the book I’ve been dreaming about releasing since I was a kid. It’s packed with everything that I love: malicious toys, punk rock, drag queens, monsters, slime! I’m super proud of the thematic and emotional range on display in these short stories. Bizarro fiction, horror and lit are all represented here. There is plenty of gore in these pages, but there are some pieces at the close of the book that I hope will tug at your heartstrings.

Some of these pieces are appearing in these pages for the first time. Others are reprints, having originally appeared in publications as diverse as Strange Sex 2 from StrangeHouse Books and esteemed literary journal Revolver. Here is a list of the stories:

  • Berzerkoids are Here
  • I Summoned a Demon with a Vagina Mouth
  • Ex-Punk
  • Loving Arms
  • Hearts and Caterpillars
  • Killer Nails
  • Looking Fab and Fighting Scabs
  • I Think I’ll Donate this Severed Head to the Salvation Army
  • Groupie
  • Through Time, Knuckles First
  • The Final Failure of a Professional Small Animal Inside-Outer
  • Curse of the Curse
  • Record Collector Scum
  • Story of a Board
  • Feed My Corpse to Sharks
  • The Songwriter’s Fingers
  • Rise of the Berzerkoids

I took a lot of time selecting these stories from the hundreds that I have written over the years and sequencing them for maximum entertainment value. I really hope you pick this one up and give it a chance.


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