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Information about writer MP Johnson's horror fiction and bizarro fiction, Freak Tension zine and more.

My publishing company, Weirdpunk Books, is finishing up its second release, a book of short stories inspired by the songs of my favorite band of all time: the Misfits.

Check out the cover art by Justin T. Coons:


There will also be a limited edition version only for Kickstarter backers with cover art by Bill Hauser, who you know from the cover art for Berzerkoids, among other things. There is also a bunch of original art and other cool stuff for Kickstarter backers.

This is grimy, small-press stuff, so getting preorders through Kickstarter is crucial for the book to succeed. Please consider pitching in. The prices you see for the Kickstarter are not inflated. They’re actually less than what you’ll pay for the book on Amazon when it goes live, so take advantage of this deal. Plus everything comes signed.

Check out the Kickstarter.


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