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Halloween month has been absolutely crazy. Four new books with my name on the cover.

First, meet Lake Lurkers, a tale of alien tentacle monsters climbing out of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis and eating rich people in the neighborhood where I actually live in real life. This sucker is out now from Severed Press and you can grab a copy of the eBook or paperback on Amazon.

Lake Lurkers by MP Johnson

I also brought my obsession with movie guidebooks to a whole new level with Neon Trash: Forgotten B-movies of the ’80s. Check out that glorious cover by Justin Coons. You can also snatch this one on Amazon.

Neon Trash: Forgotten B-Movies of the '80s by MP Johnson

Another book based on one of my obsessions is Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits from my publishing company, Weirdpunk Books, edited by myself and Sam Richard. A collection of stories that shed new light on my favorite songs. Available on Amazon. PS, if you haven’t read my review of the Misfits reunion show in Chicago, you should check it out when you get a chance. Anyway, I just appeared as Maddy Manslaughter at the release party for this one last week, and it was a blast.

Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits by MP Johnson and Sam Richard

Out new from StrangeHouse Books is Mondo Bizarro, a collection of bizarro fiction stories that I handpicked a couple years ago and is now finally seeing the light of day. Amazon that sucker as well and you got yourself a shopping spree.

Mondo Bizarro by MP Johnson

Incidentally, I also have a heavy metal bizarro short story called “All Request” in Mondo Bizarro’s sister anthology, Tall Tales With Short Cocks Volume 5 from Rooster Republic. I mean, if you’re buying stuff, that’s on Amazon too.

Last thang! Razorcake released my One Punk’s Guide to Outlaw Country as a standalone zine that you can buy or download. It looks cool as hell.

One Punk's Guide to Outlaw Country by MP Johnson

I really should take a break after this month, but I’ve actually got a million cool things up my sleeve. Thanks for supporting all this insanity!


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