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2016 was a banner year for me. Now I’m putting together my plans for 2017. Depending on how much random shit goes off the rails, it looks like it’s going to be a fun year.

On the book front, I’ll be releasing:

  • Nails (Lazy Fascist Press) – This is a true sad comedy about the messy business of dealing with gender stuff. Release date: TBD.
  • Drag Queen Dino Fighters (Eraserhead Press) – Drag queens fighting space dinosaurs. What more do I need to say? Release date: May.
  • Lonely Tentacle (Bizarro Pulp Press) – Zany Lovecraftian bizarro about a tentacle that breaks free from a god and tries to make its way on Earth. Release date: Fall.

My press, Weirdpunk Books, will be releasing Zombie Punks Fuck Off (currently accepting submissions), edited by Sam Richard.

I’ve pretty much nailed down my convention schedule for the year, so if you want to nerd out with me, check my appearances page.

I’ve also been cast in a music video by one of my favorite bands and will play a roller-skating drag queen gang member in Dolly Deadly 2.

Who knows, I’ll probably put together a zine or chapbook along the way too.

A Quick Look Back At 2016

Like I said, 2016 rocked like hell. There were 5 books released with MP Johnson on the cover:

  • Berzerkoids (Bizarro Pulp Press) – My first short story collection.
  • Lake Lurkers (Severed Press) – Aquatic terror set in Minneapolis.
  • Neon Trash (Weirdpunk Books) – A guide to forgotten B-movies of the ’80s.
  • Mondo Bizarro (Strangehouse Books) – An anthology of bizarro fiction edited by me.
  • Hybrid Moments (Weirdpunk Books) – A Misfits tribute book I co-edited with Sam Richard.

I published a collection of the best material from the 15-year run of my zine, Freak Tension. Remembered how much I love zines in the process.

Razorcake also published a zine of my One Punk’s Guide to Outlaw Country. And of course I contributed a ton of reviews to Razorcake.

Playing against type, I was featured in a short horror film called Meow as a stoner hippy pizza delivery guy. If you look realllly close, I also can be seen in the audience in the movie theater scene in the short film When Susurrus Stirs, based on the story by Jeremy Robert Johnson (no relation).

Oh, and I went to a ton of cons and saw Iron Maiden twice and the original Misfits once and lots of other shows and cries and hugs and life and shit.




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