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My instinct tends to be to ask for the grossest, most outrageous cover possible. When Sick Pack was first released a couple years ago, however, the publisher, cover artist and I decided to go in a more subtle direction. The ever-reliable Matthew Revert delivered a beautiful cover. I loved it, and so did the team at Bizarro Pulp Press.

Unfortunately, it may have been too pretty. People didn’t seem to get what the book was about. It looked literary. Someone actual said, “Hey, it’s your first literary novel!” Except it’s about a male model whose abdominal muscles ditch him and he replaces them with pieces of junk he finds lying around Los Angeles, creating an all new Sick Pack! Get it? Like Six Pack? Huh? Huh? PS the alternate title was Abominable Abdominables, but the publisher vetoed that.

Anyway, I still love the book. Under the gooey surface, it’s about recognizing that one’s true worth goes so much deeper than surface level, even if that surface level is pretty hot. So the publisher and I decided to reissue the book with a new cover by the slime master Jim Agpalza, featuring the main character’s replacement abs in all their gross glory. Check it out:

Sick Pack


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