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Information about Emma Alice Johnson's books and zines.

Going forward, I will be writing under my full name, Emma Alice Johnson. My old pen name, MP Johnson, will be retired. The books published under that name will be taken out of print or reissued with my new name on the cover as contracts, time and money allow. Please avoid referring to me by the previous name if possible.

The first book scheduled to go out of print is The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone. This was my first book, published five years ago by Bizarro Pulp Press. It’s a fun book and I’m still proud of it, but as of now I’m planning on taking it out of print permanently, barring some really lucrative offer from a publisher. So if you’ve been meaning to pick it up, now is the time!


2 thoughts on “New Pen Name

  1. Emma,

    May I be the first here to congratulate you on taking this step. I recently met you at MSP Comic Con and bought two books from you (Mondo Bizarro and Sick Pack). I really enjoyed talking with you and have been enjoying the books immensely. I wish I had bought more (and I’m sure you do, too, haha).

    1. Hi Christopher! Thank you so much! Thank you for stopping by my table at the con and for picking up some books. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy them!

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