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“A Centauress Walks Into A Battle,” my latest short story, is available now in the all-lady action issue of Forbidden Futures. Here’s the cover by artist Mike Dubisch:

Forbidden Futures #4

Editor Cody Goodfellow has really gathered a heck of a batch of writers for this issue: Mehitobal Wilson, Kathe Koja, Jessica McHugh, Anna Tambour, S.P. Miskowski, Elizabeth Rayne, Ave Rose, Molly Tanzer, Anya Martin, Stefanie Elrick, Betty Rocksteady and Lisa Morton. Oh and me.

All of the stories are based on art by Mike Dubisch. Here’s the piece that inspired mine:

A Centauress Walks Into A Battle

You can read my story online or pick up a hard copy of Forbidden Futures #4 to experience all the beautiful full color art.

2 thoughts on “New Short Story: “A Centauress Walks Into A Battle” in Forbidden Futures #4

  1. Maira says:

    I don’t know how to get in touch with you, or if it’s okay to try through this website, but I’ve been looking to buy a copy of some of your older stuff (Nails and Trans Mess). I don’t know if that’s okay. Anyways, this is me trying. Hi!

    1. Hi Maira! Thanks for your interest in my older books or zines. They are out of print for the foreseeable future, but I have a new book coming out that you might enjoy – Unicorn Wasteland. I’m just posting a blog about it now.

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