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My new book, Unicorn Wasteland, will be released on November 20th from NYC-based publisher, Everybody Press.

Unicorn Wasteland By Emma Alice Johnson
Unicorn Wasteland By Emma Alice Johnson
Cover By Mahya Soltani

Here’s the description from the publisher’s website:

In Unicorn Wasteland, Emma Alice Johnson’s protagonist, Maria rides into the story on a unicorn, dragging behind her a wooden coffin, the contents of which are not revealed to the reader, but which she guards with her life from the terrors of the hostile world around. This is a novella that uses genre fiction elements from low-budget Western movies, fantasy novels, and science fiction monsters to tell a story about a trans woman confronting her own identity to deliver a message to her mother that she’s waited a long time to tell.

I have put a lot of work into this book, my first in over 4 years. I feel like it’s a bit of a departure from my previous writing in that there is minimal violence, but still demonstrates my love for a slimy, messy, B-movie aesthetic.

I’m also really excited about the way this book is being made. Although I have done plenty of handmade zines over the last 25 years (oh jeez! 25 years?!?!?!), this will be my first time releasing a book that’s handmade. Most of my past books have used large-scale print-on-demand (POD) tech, which is certainly fun and accessible. However, Everybody Press has their own printing facility in their home base of Brooklyn where they make the books, which will include a gold foil-stamped cover. They have put so much work into the design, look and feel of this book. It’s going to be a work of art, and the first print run will be somewhat limited. There will also be an ebook available too, and I’m hoping for an audio book too.

We’re having a book release party at Leroy’s Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on Saturday, November 20th. If you’re in the area, it would be really cool if you could make it. I think it’s going to be a fun time!

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