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MP Johnson AKA Maddy Manslaughter

MP Johnson AKA Maddy Manslaughter

MP Johnson has had their face peeled off no less than three times – all before reaching the third grade. Of course they grew up to write weird fiction.

MP has been chased through the back alleys of Beijing by a Chinese hooker and a gang of knife-wielding thugs. They’ve laughed off muggings in the shadows of Amsterdam. They’ve fought robot monsters beneath the streets of Berlin and dined on cheese with the natives on top of the Andes. They’ve smashed boards in grimy basements while accompanied by notorious punk bands, been in Fourth of July street fights and eaten sandwiches in New York’s sleaziest sex clubs.

MP is an old school zinester. From 1998 to 2015, they published Freak Tension zine. It featured true life adventure stories, music reviews, band interviews and short fiction. They are also a regular contributor to long-running DIY zine Razorcake.

MP is the Wonderland Book Award-winning author of Dungeons & Drag Queens and many other books often classified as bizarro or horror fiction. Their weird fiction has appeared in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Dark Discoveries and many other publications. It has garnered acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly, Hellnotes, Horror News and more.

In 2014, MP founded Weirdpunk Books, a press dedicated to the collision of punk rock and weird fiction. The press’s debut release was Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin.

MP is a B-movie extra whose roles have included a drug dealer who gets shot in the stomach by legendary action hero Rudy Ray Moore in “It Came from Trafalgar.”

MP Johnson performs in drag as Maddy Manslaughter.

MP was born in Wisconsin and lives in Minnesota.

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  1. Dean Lappi says:

    It was great connecting with you at the Twin Cities Book Festival this weekend. Best wishes!

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