Emma Alice Johnson | Author And Zinester | Bizarro, Horror And Science Fiction | LGBTQ

Information about Emma Alice Johnson's books and zines.


Nails (09/17)
Lazy Fascist Press | Amazon

Drag Queen Dino Fighters (05/17)
Eraserhead Press | Amazon

Neon Trash: Forgotten B-Movies of the ’80s (10/16)
Weirdpunk Books | Amazon

Lake Lurkers (10/16)
Severed Press | Amazon

Berzerkoids (04/16)
Bizarro Pulp Press | Amazon

Sick Pack (09/15)
Bizarro Pulp Press
Second edition with new cover (06/17)
Bizarro Pulp Press | Amazon

Cattle Cult! Kill! Kill! (04/15)
StrangeHouse Books | Amazon

Dungeons and Drag Queens (04/14)
Eraserhead Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone (02/13)
Bizarro Pulp Press | Amazon


Death Warp (10/14)
Dynatox Ministries

The Final Failure of a Professional Small Animal Inside-Outer (09/12)
Cloud City Press

Are You Sick of Zombies Yet? (11/08)
Freak Tension Press

The Mutilation of Paris Hilton (09/06)
Freak Tension Press

Cheap-Ass Chapbook (07/05)
Freak Tension Press

Short Stories

“T-Shirt Pants” in Strange Behaviors (01/18)

Necksnapper” in The Dark (12/17)

“Fish Launcher” in Dead Bat 4 (12/17)

The Final Failure of a Professional Small Animal Inside-Outer” at Breakroom Stories (11/17)

“Beer Heads” in More Bizarro Than Bizarro (09/17)

Drowner” at Every Day Fiction (07/17)

“All Request” in Tall Tales with Short Cocks Volume 5 (10/16)

“Family Facemelt” in Mondo Bizarro (10/16)

“Boom” in Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits (10/16)

“Monkey Music” in Terrorvision (05/16)

The Man With an Ax in the Backseat of Your Car Has Feelings Too” in PMMP Newsletter (03/16)
Performed by David Walton for Night Stories (03/16)

“Selling the Slicer” in The Gruesome Tensome (02/16)

“Combo Platter Number Three” in Strange Sex 3 (01/16)

“Love Skull” in Dark Discoveries #33 (12/15)

I Summoned a Demon With a Vagina Mouth” at Strange Story Saturdays (10/15)

“Bored With Brutality” in Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin (10/15)
Reprinted in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1 (06/16)

“Dead Diva Boogaloo” in Zombiefied: Hazardous Material (06/15)

“The Strange Vice of ZLA-313” in Giallo Fantastique (05/15)

Buried in Work” at Bad Dream Entertainment (02/15)
Reprinted in Dark Little Dreams (03/16)

Berzerkoids Are Here” at Drunk Monkeys (01/15)
Reprinted in Drunk Monkeys Anthology Volume 3 (03/16)

First I’m Gonna Go Poop – Then I’m Gonna Go Crazy” at Feathertale (11/14)

“Letting Go” in Blight Digest: Fall 2014 (10/14)

“Hamsters are for Pussies” in Hamsters! A Fabulous Anthology (10/14)

“Butterflies” in Cesspool (10/14)

“Leapfrog” in Cesspool (10/14)

“Groupie” in Strange Sex 2: The Second Cumming (8/14)
Performed by Sauda Namir for Bizarro Bedtime (05/15)

The Songwriter’s Fingers” at Revolver (08/14)

Delivering Kiev’s Birthday Card” at Fuck Fiction (05/14)

Woods Porn” at Flash Fiction Offensive (05/14)

Kiss the Goat SEO” at Weirdyear (04/14)

“Ex-Punk” in Axes of Evil (03/14)
Reprinted at Razorcake (09/16)

I Think I’ll Donate this Severed Head to the Salvation Army” at The Molotov Cocktail (03/14)

“Pear People from Planet 13” in American Nightmare (03/14)

“Hearts and Caterpillars” in Strange Fucking Stories (01/14)

“Vagalyn’s Flying Head” in Bizarro Bizarro (12/13)

Curse of the Curse” at Every Day Fiction (12/13)

“Do Not Buy” in A Very StrangeHouse Christmas (11/13)
Reprinted at Strange Story Saturdays (5/14)

“Loving Arms” in Diabolic Tales 3 (10/13)

Meet Kreepy Krawly” at Bizarro Central (10/13)

“Lake Street” in In Heaven, Everything Is Fine (07/13)

I Want to be a Mutant” in Surreal Grotesque #11 (06/13)

Every Which Way but Clyde” at The Strange Edge (05/13)

As Far as Bionic Slugs Go, I’m the Total Package” at Bizarro Central (12/12)

“Killer Nails” in Steamy Screams (08/11)

“Reason to Clean” in Made You Flinch (07/11)

“Record Collector Scum” in Necrotic Tissue #14 (04/11)
Reprinted at Decibel Magazine (08/16)

“Clown Underground” in Out of the Gutter #7 (12/10)

“Drag Queen Vs. Zombies” in Zombiality (12/10)

“A Cowboy Has to Ride” in This Ain’t No Rodeo (12/08)

“Complete Breakfast” in Withersin’s Unkindness (10/08)

“No Hands” in Dark Animus #10/11 (06/08)

“Ahlana Demona” in Polluto: The Anti-Pop Culture Journal #2 (04/08)

“Skill Crane” in Black Ink Horror #3 (02/08)

“Gone to Seed” in Vault of Punk Horror (01/08)

“Snailwart” in Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths (12/07)

“Zombie Eater” in Raw Meat (07/07)

“Dead Folk Hero Does Interstate Travel” in Daikaiju 2: Revenge of the Giant Monsters (06/07)

“Upset Stomach” in Zencore: Nemonymous #7 (06/07)

“New Pad” in Bare Bone #10 (04/07)

“Tingles” in Chimeraworld #4 (11/06)

“Defective Birth” in Sinister Tales #2 (10/06)

“Hate Dough” in Dreaded Pall #1 (08/06)

“After Birth” in Cthulhu Sex, Vol. 2 #25 (08/06)

“Story of a Board” in Black Petals #36 (07/06)

“Waking Demons” in Horror Carousel #4 (03/06)

Coatimundi Rex” in Anthro #3 (01/06)

“Punk Rock Mummy” in Theatre of Decay #1 (10/05)

“Mask Trouble” in Ethereal Gazette #2 (10/05)

“Worse Than Nightmares” in Thirteen, Vol. 2 #8 (08/05)

“Retirement” in Kopfhalter! #2 (07/05)


“How to Accept that You Are Transgender in 11 Easy Steps” in Nasty (01/18)

“One Punk’s Guide to Outlaw Country” in Razorcake #90 (02/16)

“One Punk’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction” in Razorcake #82 (10/14)


Mondo Bizarro (10/16)
StrangeHouse Books | Amazon

Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin (10/16)
Weirdpunk Books | Amazon

Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin (10/15)
Weirdpunk Books | Amazon

Cesspool (10/14)
Cesspool | Amazon


“…And Toxic Justice for All” by In Defence on Party Lines and Politics (05/11)



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