Emma Alice Johnson | Author And Zinester | Bizarro, Horror And Science Fiction | LGBTQ

Information about Emma Alice Johnson's books and zines.

Books By Emma Alice Johnson

Unicorn Wasteland
Everybody Press (First printing: 11/21, Second printing 04/22)

Short Stories By Emma Alice Johnson

“Five Ways to Kill Your Rapist on a Farm” in Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters (10/22)

“Convex” in The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute To David Cronenberg (11/19)

“Biking With Kaiju” in The Forge (09/19)

“Pizza_Gal_666” in Tales From The Crust: An Anthology Of Pizza Horror (09/19)

“A Centauress Walks Into A Battle” in Forbidden Futures #4 (04/19)

“Rolled Up” in Zombie Punks Fuck Off (10/18)

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