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Punk is dead, or so we keep hearing. And zombies are overdone, right?

Well fuck it, now punk is undead.

Zombie Punks Fuck Off will be a collection of zombie punk short stories. We’re looking for short stories where zombies and punks collide. More than just that, though, is the inclusion of the wide variety of punk subcultures and authenticity. Anyone can write a story about cartoonish, neon haired assholes fighting zombies; we want people writing about punks who know something about punks. We want punk pluralism, all subgenres and varieties encouraged. We want crusties and straight-edge hardcore kids, deathrockers and riot grrls, queer punks and nihilistic 70’s punks, vegan peace punks and LA glitter punks, proto-punks and post-punks, and everything else, too. Take us to different time periods and all the corners of the world where punk finds a foothold.

We want our zombies weird. Like punk did to rock and roll, let’s fucking do that to zombies. Rip it apart and reassemble it. Give ‘em teeth again. Strip it down and fuck it up. Make it weird, make it unique, and make it new. Slow, fast, mutated, hybridized with other things, not of this world, from the grave, government experiments, the chilling work of mad scientists, ancient religions – whatever it is, mix it up and make that putrid rot smell fresh again.

Zombie Punks Fuck Off will be edited by Sam Richard (co-editor of both Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits and Blood For You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin) and published by Weirdpunk Books (publisher of both aforementioned anthologies).

Follow standard manuscript format. We will reject your story if you don’t. Why should we care about your story if you don’t care enough about it to spend a minute formatting it correctly? (Information on standard manuscript format)

No Reprints.

Multiple Submissions welcome.

Will be published Fall of 2017.

2000-5000 words, with 3000 being the sweet spot.

It pays 1 cent a word.

Submissions due date: 4/30/2017

Send submissions as attached .doc, .docx or .rtf to weirdpunkbooks at yahoo dot com.

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