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“A Centauress Walks Into A Battle,” my latest short story, is available now in the all-lady action issue of Forbidden Futures. Here’s the cover by artist Mike Dubisch:

Forbidden Futures #4

Editor Cody Goodfellow has really gathered a heck of a batch of writers for this issue: Mehitobal Wilson, Kathe Koja, Jessica McHugh, Anna Tambour, S.P. Miskowski, Elizabeth Rayne, Ave Rose, Molly Tanzer, Anya Martin, Stefanie Elrick, Betty Rocksteady and Lisa Morton. Oh and me.

All of the stories are based on art by Mike Dubisch. Here’s the piece that inspired mine:

A Centauress Walks Into A Battle

You can read my story online or pick up a hard copy of Forbidden Futures #4 to experience all the beautiful full color art.

“Rolled Up,” my latest short story, is out now in the Weirdpunk Books/CLASH Books anthology Zombie Punks Fuck Off. This is a collection of stories about zombies and punks. Check out this cover by artist Michael Bukowski:


My story was inspired by John Joseph, singer of the legendary New York hardcore band the Cro-Mags. I went on a walking tour he led through Manhattan, in which he talked about ’80s New York City and told stories from his younger, crazier days. One of the stories was about a man who liked to be rolled up inside a rug and put outside of punk clubs so people could step on him. That was my starting point. I added more zombies.

Edited by Sam Richard, this one features stories by a lot of other talented authors, including David W. Barbee, Brendan Vidito, Joe Quenell, Carmilla Voiez, Danger Slater, Mark Zirbel, Leo X. Robertson, Sam Reeve, Axel Kohagen, Asher Ellis, Madison McSweeney and Nicholaus Patnaude.

Also, this is the first story published under my new, true name: Emma Alice Johnson.

Grab a copy on Amazon today.