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Going forward, I will be writing under my full name, Emma Alice Johnson. My old pen name, MP Johnson, will be retired. The books published under that name will be taken out of print or reissued with my new name on the cover as contracts, time and money allow. Please avoid referring to me by the previous name if possible.

The first book scheduled to go out of print is The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone. This was my first book, published five years ago by Bizarro Pulp Press. It’s a fun book and I’m still proud of it, but as of now I’m planning on taking it out of print permanently, barring some really lucrative offer from a publisher. So if you’ve been meaning to pick it up, now is the time!


I’m so excited about this! The new issue of The Dark Magazine features my story, “Necksnapper.” You can read it here or listen to a really great audio version.

The Dark publishes some of the best authors currently working in horror and weird fiction. Stories from The Dark regularly appear in best-of-the-year collections. I’m super honored to have my story chosen to appear in these pages.

“Necksnapper” is the story of a lady who works in a different kind of adult movies. I once read it to a big crowd that included my bff’s mom, and as I read I saw her shaking her head no so hard all the way through. It just really made me feel like I was doing the right thing!

Please read and share and let me know what you think!

My new book is out today from Lazy Fascist Press. It’s called Nails, and I have never been so scared to share my writing with you. Here is the cover by Matthew Revert:


I’m not going to lie. This book is rough. It is not positive. There is no happy ending. Not in these pages at least.

It took me a long time to accept who I am, to accept that I am a trans woman. Along the way, I tried to convince myself that I was a crossdresser, that all I needed to do was put on women’s clothes once in a while and I would be okay.

Eventually, staying at home and crossdressing started to feel confining, not to mention lonely. I needed more time, more space. I started taking weekend trips to give myself the time and space I needed to be me, away from family and friends who I thought this would hurt, who I thought would hate me if they knew.

I always planned these weekends carefully, hoping they would be fun and triumphant, while also hoping they might let me get this nagging feeling that I was a woman out of my system. The reality is that they ended up being sad, desperate and awkward affairs that involved me doing things that were just not me in the hopes of somehow finding the real me, and someone who could see me.

Nails is a lightly fictionalized take on one of these weekends. It’s not a rah-rah-rah go trans! book. This book is not about how it gets better. This book is about the messy parts that happen along the way, about the BS that me and many other trans ladies put ourselves through because we didn’t know what to do, because there was no roadmap, because we were convinced that we were wrong and that the world didn’t want us.

This one goes out to all my sisters in the closet, and all those who have fucking fought their way out.

Buy Nails on Amazon!

My instinct tends to be to ask for the grossest, most outrageous cover possible. When Sick Pack was first released a couple years ago, however, the publisher, cover artist and I decided to go in a more subtle direction. The ever-reliable Matthew Revert delivered a beautiful cover. I loved it, and so did the team at Bizarro Pulp Press.

Unfortunately, it may have been too pretty. People didn’t seem to get what the book was about. It looked literary. Someone actual said, “Hey, it’s your first literary novel!” Except it’s about a male model whose abdominal muscles ditch him and he replaces them with pieces of junk he finds lying around Los Angeles, creating an all new Sick Pack! Get it? Like Six Pack? Huh? Huh? PS the alternate title was Abominable Abdominables, but the publisher vetoed that.

Anyway, I still love the book. Under the gooey surface, it’s about recognizing that one’s true worth goes so much deeper than surface level, even if that surface level is pretty hot. So the publisher and I decided to reissue the book with a new cover by the slime master Jim Agpalza, featuring the main character’s replacement abs in all their gross glory. Check it out:

Sick Pack

This is it. This is THE BIG WEIRD WEEK – a week of sales, giveaways, cover reveals and more! To kick things off, I’m revealing the new official MP Johnson logo, designed by the great Bill Hauser:

MP Johnson Logo

This will be used for stickers, maybe T-shirts and more!

What Is The Big Weird Week?

So what is the deal with THE BIG WEIRD WEEK? Before I answer that, let me say this: I’m not fishing for pity buys. I don’t want to make you feel guilty and buy my shit. I want you to buy it because you legitimately A) want it or B) want to support my writing.

That being said, sales have dipped and I could use an infusion of cash right now. This may sound vain, but I have very few clothes. I threw away all my dude clothes upon coming out. I’m building back up slowly. Furthermore, I’m trying to save money for some possible future medical procedures that won’t be covered by insurance and will be expensive. But at the end of the day, THE BIG WEIRD WEEK is about the writing.

I will always write. Always. But in order for me to continue publishing books and zines, they do need to sell, and I’ve been doing a shitty job selling. During THE BIG WEIRD WEEK, I’m going to use all my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and more to offer sales, do book giveaways, reveal the covers of some new projects and more. Full disclosure: I’m trying to drum up business. But I think it’s going to be a lot of fun too.

What It Means To Buy Something From Me

I recognize that when you purchase a book or a zine, you are not just giving me your hard-earned money. You are also giving me your time, which is even more precious these days. Similarly, when you buy something from me, you are not just buying an item. You are buying a creative work that I poured my heart and my soul into. You are buying something that is buzzing with the creative energy that I’ve spent my entire life honing. When you buy a book or a zine from me, you are casting a vote that says “This is valuable. This should exist in the world. I want this creator to keep creating.”

So, with all that in mind, if you have been holding off on buying something from me, maybe consider doing it now? Think about whether any of my books or zines would make a good birthday gift, Xmas gift or just “Hey here’s a nice thing” gift for a friend or family member. But please, only buy if you think it is something worth buying, and that my art is something worth supporting.

And if you don’t want to buy anything now, or you can’t afford it, consider sticking around during THE BIG WEIRD WEEK because I’ll be giving away a bunch of books too on my various social medias and elsewhere.

Last thing! Sharing on social media is huge! Word of mouth is how stuff gets around these days, and you never know which of your friends or followers might be super psyched to learn about my work.


Oh, and to kick things off:

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Drag Queen Dino Fighters

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If you’re a book nerd, you are probably familiar with LitReactor. It’s one of the biggest and best sites out there for readers and writers of all genres. So it goes without saying that I was super honored when they contacted me about doing an interview.

They asked some intense, thoughtful questions about coming out, putting together my new zine, Trans Mess, and more. I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out, so I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to read it:

MP Johnson interviewed at LitReactor

Trans Mess